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Today, there are so many amazing ways to earn online, some of the ways are unique and works perfectly while others only seem to but don’t work at all! 

It is not very often that I would do a product review, but when I came across this product, I knew I had to make one of those exceptions again!

In this article, I am bringing to you a new way of earning online, a method that has been used by different people to earn massive income online.

This product launches on 28 January 2020, with a pre-launch starting from 22 January 2020.

What is this method and what makes it stands out from all others? Read on to find out more.

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What is the Kibo code? 

The Kibo Code is an ecommerce training program over an 8-Week period that shows people how to make money using a very unique style of e-commerce. 

This method has been used to make millions of dollars for a couple of years completely “under the radar”. 

What makes this unique and different from other e-commerce methods is that this is much faster and easier for people to implement, even if they have no previous experience. 

There is no need for Amazon, no inventory and no Facebook required.

The Kibo Code is unique and guaranteed to make you earn massively online. 


The Kibo Code is based on a model a famous brick mortar store in Tokyo, Japan used to make billions of dollars every year selling literally every single type of product you can imagine. 

They fill their store with products, see what sells, put the best-selling products in more visible places to boost their traffic, remove what does not sell. Then continue to add new products, remove, replace and optimize others, in order to maximize their conversions and increase their profits. 

Using this method, they were able to sell a lot more of their products and make a lot of money from them!

The Kibo code was made using this model and just like the brick mortar store, has made different people a lot of money! 

This unique program will be launching soon, giving you the chance to grab this opportunity and get onboard during the launch!


The basic process involved in starting to earn using The Kibo Code is: 

  • You buy a high quality generic domain name (you are  provided with tools which finds good ones), 
  • Then you set up a simple store with a preloaded high-converting theme (which with the system, takes literally 60 seconds), 
  • You pinpoint profitable products using our software (from selection of about 3 Million items), 
  • You then load up the website with these product listing (no image or text creation required) and then 
  • Send instant traffic to the product listings using cheap, underrated and vastly untapped methods.
  • Once sales are made, other USA-based suppliers’ dropship the products to the customer directly (you won’t have to touch any inventory or buy anything upfront and the products get delivered fast) 
  • Then you optimize, keeping the profitable products, eliminating the ones that aren’t, 
  • Keep on scaling up, replicating the process over and over to identify additional winning products, while simultaneously increasing profits.

Once these steps are followed, you have the potential to start earning massively and keep growing your business too which helps you earn more! 

The Kibo Code is unique and amazing and a guaranteed way of making money online!

Now that we have an idea what The Kibo Code is and what it does, let’s find out how this method was put in place.


The creators of The Kibo Code are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Since 2013, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton have released a number of online courses focused around eCommerce and Marketing.

The Kibo Code falls into the same category and will, nodoubt, be an updated, upgraded version of their previous products.

Aidan began his journey into the internet world almost accidentally. With his wife, they rapidly moved to Argentina although he didn’t know how to speak Spanish.

This was the main reason to have his first practical experience with digital marketing in 2005.

By 2006 rolled around, he felt more experienced about working in the digital world. He was able to set up several basic affiliate websites, delivering traffic to them using Google AdWords.

Although his commissions weren’t significant, he discovered a new way to make money.

At some point, he began to move the attention elsewhere, shifting away from affiliate site with paid traffic, to a blend of eCommerce and affiliate sites created to generate the most out of Google traffic.

Clayton kicked off as the CFO for a Fortune 500 company, so he truly knew what he was doing with his fantastic planning solutions. 

Before he got involved with new partners, he was aware of how important it was to diversify his business.

He never created a structured plan on how he’d go about doing it. That was the first thing to improve in his new company, and it made a huge difference.


The track record of these creators speaks for itself and in this review, I’ll just look at their major achievements during the period 2015 to 2019.

In 2015 they release a product called 100K Factory which ran from 2015 to 2017.

In 2018 they releases their next big product called 7 Figure Cycle

And their last release was Parallel Profits.

The graphic below demonstrates how wildly successful all 3 of these products were compared to similar products that were available at the time.

Kibo Code Compared To Past Trainings
Aidan booth and steveclayton previous launches


The Kibo code will soon be here and will be launching soon! 

The prelaunch will be starting 22 January, 2020 and the cart will officially be open by 28 January, 2020 and closes 6 February, 2020! 

During the pre-launch phase there will be several webinars and will give a lot more detail on how it works and the functionality.

There will be 3 parts to the prelaunch.

  1. The Masterplan (released Wednesday 22nd Jan)
  2. The Framework (released Friday 24th Jan)
  3. The Money-Makers (on Sunday 26th Jan)

Once this is done, then it will go live officially on Tuesday 28th which is when the sales page will be released. 

The main objective of the prelaunch is to provide potential users of The Kibo Code with value. Also, demonstrating the use and functionality behind The Kibo Code.

The Kibo code is guaranteed to be a massive hit and you stand a chance to be part of it too. So why not join us and be part of the process as we bring the most unique way of earning to life!


In their latest ecommerce course Aidan and Steve return to commerce which is their real strength.

Their track record of wildly successful products speaks for itself, as does their personal reputations.

With that in mind, I have decided to support them wholeheartedly.

I would recommend that interested parties definitely register for the upcoming webinars, which you can do HERE.

I’ll also be compiling some bonuses that will accelerate the process of training and will also be updating my review of The Kibo Code as soon as more information becomes available.

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