About The Author

Hi everybody, my name is Jaque van der Merwe and I’d like to welcome you to the Social InfoHub Blog. 

I have always been passionate about business ever since childhood. I started my first business at the age of 19 and have remained in business over the past 37 years. This meant that I have never been employed in the traditional sense, where you would typically exchange your time for money. 

Some may even say I have been a student for the last 37 years at the University of Hard Knocks. Whilst it has certainly taught me many lessons, it also gave me the opportunity to develop various skills.it has also brought me great reward, being able to even list one of my companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.


I have always believed in working hard in order to achieve a level of financial reward, whilst affording me the oportunity to travel the world, experience many cultures and certainly have the ability and the tme to share and spend time with loved ones.

Knowing what I know now and the experience I’ve accumulated over the last 37 years, I made a conscious decision that I would like to share this opportunity with others, and with the world getting smaller and smaller due to technology, what better platform can there be for doing business and making money, than online?



Many of us grew up, being taught that you should go to school, spend roughly 12 years doing that, then attend College or University for a few more years, find a job and work for the next 40 years so that you can save for retirment. 

There is so much more to life than that! That is why i decided to start this website, in order for any more people out there to see the opportunities that are available, which is not being taught at school.



The goal of Social InfoHub is to present site visitors with profitable opportunities in order to make money online. This can be through various channels, such as Websites, Social Media, Email, Youtube Channels and many more.

All the opportunities presented in this website will be evaluated by myself, so anything you find on here is something that I would personally use in my business, should I have a need for it. 

 If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jaque van de Merwe
Social InfoHub